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Productivity Boosters

Increase your rooftop productivity by taking advantage of these labor-saving products from Carlisle SynTec. Find productivity-boosting products by looking for this productivity booster logo on the Carlisle website.

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Productivity-Boosting Products


Sure-Seal Non-Reinforced EPDM with Factory-Applied Tape (FAT)

Non-reinforced EPDM with FAT reduces the time required to create seams between membrane panels.

Sure-Weld TPO with APEEL Protective Film

APEEL Protective Film guards the TPO membrane against scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation.

Self-Adhering Technology (SAT) Membranes

TPO and EPDM SAT membranes come with pre-applied adhesives to save time and labor.

EPDM with Factory-Applied Tape One-Packs

FAT saves labor and improves the quality of seams. One-packs can be used for smaller projects.

FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL) Roofing Systems

Attachment method that provides a fully-adhered EPDM or TPO system without the use of adhesives.

FleeceBACK FR TPO Membrane

TPO membrane intended for use in mechanically-fastened direct to combustible deck applications that require a UL Class A fire rating.



This spray gun-applied adhesive requires no stirring or waiting for flash-off and is quick to apply. Approved for use with both EPDM and TPO membranes.

Flexible FAST Dual Tank Adhesive

Adheres FleeceBACK® membranes with superior staying power and strength. Decreases setup time compared to installations that use traditional bonding adhesives.

HydroBond Water-Based Adhesive

Water-based, wet lay-in, one-sided dispersion adhesive for smooth-backed PVC and FleeceBACK® PVC and KEE HP membranes.


SecurShield HD Polyiso

Rigid high-density roof insulation panels ideal for re-roofing and new construction. Lightweight and easy to cut, handle, and install.

VapAir Seal MD

Used for direct application over metal decks. Self-adhered,cold applied product quickly create an air- and vapor-tight seal.


Certified Fabricated Accessories

Prefabricated, in-stock, standard, and custom-order accessories accommodate even the most difficult and unique rooftop penetrations.

Pressure-Sensitive Accessories

These accessories feature pre-applied adhesive which saves time and labor and reduces the likelihood of improper installation.

Sure-Flex PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip

Strips-in flat metal edging, eliminating the need for PVC-coated metal or clip-on edge metal.

AccuTrac Plate

Steel insulation plate allows applicators to stand while installing, providing a 38% labor savings compared to traditional methods.