Roof Garden & Paver Systems

Increased Amenity Space

Add beautiful, usable outdoor space to buildings.

Extended Service Life

Protect the underlying roof system from weathering and physical damage.

Stormwater Management

Capture stormwater before it becomes runoff, reducing stress on facilities and preventing flooding.

Reduced Urban Heat

Sunlight is absorbed by rooftop vegetation instead of being reflected back into the atmosphere, creating an urban heat island effect.

Why Roof Gardens?

Carlisle SynTec offers a diverse line of traditional and modular roof garden systems, as well as a wide variety of vegetation options to fit each project's individual requirements and design aesthetics. Our technical experts can assist with design and product selection to ensure that the installed system will perform to its optimal capacity. Carlisle's warranties protect the roof garden components, as well as the underlying roofing system.

Roof Garden Accessories

Carlisle's roof garden accessory products are designed specifically for use with our roof garden assemblies. From pavers to flashing to drains and more, Carlisle has everything you need to make your roof garden complete.

Roof Garden Vegetation

Carlisle's sedums and other vegetation are available for any location, and offer nearly 100% vegetative coverage upon installation. Sedum plugs and cuttings are a lower-cost option, and after two years will provide up to 85% coverage.