Plates & Fasteners

About Plates & Fasteners

Carlisle offers an array of fasteners and plates to complement our roofing systems. From pre-assembled choices for EPDM installations to Purlin fasteners for metal retrofit systems and Piranha plates for Sure-Weld options, we provide all components necessary for the application of a long-lasting and secure single-ply roofing system.


Carlisle SynTec offers a variety of fasteners for different membranes and attachment methods.

Insulation Plates

Along with a fastener, used for insulation securement over wood, steel, and concrete decks.

Induction Welding Plates

This 3" specially-coated plate is used with HP-X Fasteners and an induction welding tool.

Membrane Plates

Carlisle SynTec offers membrane plates for EPDM, TPO, and PVC systems.

Termination & Batten Bar

Extruded aluminum bar designed for securing and sealing compression type flashing terminations.

ASAP Fasteners

These pre-assembled fasteners and plates help applicators save time and labor.