Multiple Ply Systems

About Multiple Ply Systems

Carlisle’s multiple-ply roofing systems combine traditional materials such as felts and base sheets with a unique AFX FleeceBACK cap sheet. These systems feature excellent puncture resistance and offer ENERGY STAR®-qualification without the need for coatings.

Cap Sheets

Traditional AFX cap sheets feature 67% fewer seams than modified bitumen cap sheets, resulting in a labor savings and leak protection.

Base Sheets

Base sheets feature excellent strength and suppleness, and are used with hot- and cold-applied adhesives and AFX cap sheets.


Type IV and Type VI Glass Ply Felts are saturated with asphalt, giving them excellent breaking strength and uniform porosity.

Hot/Cold Applied Adhesives

Carlisle's Hot and Cold Applied adhesives are designed for use with AFX cap sheets and are approved for use over a variety of substrates.