FleeceBACK Membrane

Superior rooftop protection and long-term durability are the cornerstones of this reinforced membrane.

Advantages of FleeceBACK

Increased Protection

Fleece reinforcement creates a thick, durable sheet and increased protection against tears, punctures, hail, and extreme weather.

Quiet Installation

Quiet, low-odor installation, ideal for re-roofing occupied buildings.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient membrane, provides additional R-value.

Wind Resistant

Industry-leading wind performance with uplift pressures ranging from  90 to 945 psf.

Why FleeceBACK?

FleeceBACK membranes have a tried and true record of exceptional puncture resistance, and feature up to 75% fewer seams than modified bitumen roofing systems – providing applicators with significant labor savings.

FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL™)

This revolutionary membrane attachment method provides a fully-adhered EPDM, PVC, or TPO system without the use of adhesives. The RapidLock (RL) system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions along with 115-mil FleeceBACK RL EPDM, FleeceBACK RL PVC, or FleeceBACK RL TPO to achieve performance on par with traditional fully-adhered single-ply systems. Learn more about this groundbreaking product below.

Learn More About RL

FleeceBACK Products & Accessories


Reinforced EPDM membrane for exceptional wind uplift, hail and puncture resistance.


Offers superior durability and dependability, one of the highest-performing roofing options.


Designed to enhance weatherability, flexibility, and toughness - with a puncture-resistant fleece backing.

FleeceBACK® RapidLock (RL™)

Revolutionary attachment method does not use adhesives, but provides traditional method-results.


PVC membrane composed of Elvaloy copolymer, fiberglass scrim, and fleece backing.

Pressure-Sensitive Accessories

Accessories featuring pre-applied adhesive allow clean and efficient completion of details.

Adhesives, Primers, and More

Chemically compatible products for bonding, splicing, and cleaning membranes.

Factory-Applied Tape™

Splice tape is factory-applied to boost installation productivity and enhance seam quality.


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