CAV-GRIP III Adhesive/Primer

About CAV-GRIP III Adhesive/Primer

Carlisle’s labor-saving spray gun-applied adhesive CAV-GRIP III requires no stirring, has a quick application time, fast flash-off and can be used for a variety of applications. CAV-GRIP III can be used with standard Sure-Weld® TPO, and Sure-Seal® EPDM membrane as a substrate adhesive on horizontal surfaces for warranties up to 20 years. CAV-GRIP III can also be used to adhere FleeceBACK®, standard Sure-Weld TPO, and Sure-Seal EPDM to vertical walls; enhancing the bond between Carlisle’s VapAir Seal™ 725TR and various substrates; and priming unexposed asphalt prior to applying FAST Adhesive for insulation attachment. Additionally, this adhesive can be used in cold temperatures. All of this allows CAV-GRIP III to provide up to 60% labor savings compared to traditional adhesives.

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