TPO - Self-Adhering Technology (SAT) Product Page

Sure-Weld SAT (Self-Adhering Technology) membrane is a heat-weldable single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) sheet designed for fully adhered new roof construction and reroofing applications. SAT is nominal 60-mil reinforced TPO membrane laminated to an elastomeric pressure-sensitive adhesive. The membrane is specifically formulated for long-term weather resistance without the use of either polymeric or liquid plasticizers. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is a 100% solids, hot-melt adhesive that eliminates VOC and odor concerns typically associated with fully adhered systems. The adhesive is factory applied to provide uniform thickness yielding consistent field performance. An uncoated edge is maintained to allow for heat welded field seams. The release liner is silicon coated on both sides to provide consistent, easy release from the adhesive even if either side accidentially touches the adhesive again after removal.

TPO - Self-Adhering Technology (SAT) Documents

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Carlisle's Systems Brochure

Comprehensive 24-page brochure that outlines every Carlisle single-ply roofing system and installation method

Thermoplastic (TPO & PVC) Mechanically Fastened & Adhered Specification and Details - 3-Part CSI Format **Click Below for Interactive Table of Contents **

3-Part CSI Format specification for Carlisle's Mechanically Fastened & Adhered Thermoplastic (TPO & PVC) roofing systems

Carlisle Golden Seal Total Roofing System Warranty - Sample Copy

Sample warranty outlining the terms, conditions and limitations for Carlisle's Golden Seal, 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year Total System Warranties

Sure-Weld TPO Walkway Rolls Product Data Sheet (PDS/TDB)

Heat-weldable walkway roll designed to protect Carlisle TPO membranes in areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic and other hazards. TPO Walkway pad product data sheet.

Fastening and Termination Bars Product Data Sheet

Termination bars for Carlisle's EPDM and TPO roof systems
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