TecTopics: SeamShield Applicator Benefits

Carlisle’s new Sure-Weld® TPO with SeamShield Technology offers a wide variety of benefits for applicators. SeamShield is an easy-to-remove protective film on the top and bottom seam areas of TPO membrane. Seams that are protected from dirt, debris, and adhesive overspray using Carlisle’s SeamShield Technology do not require the use of Weathered Membrane Cleaner prior to welding. This film protects the entire seam area, revealing a factory clean surface when removed prior to welding.

SeamShield facts
  • Easy-to-remove films that leave a residue-free surface that is ready to weld.
  • A 6-inch transparent blue film on the top ply allows overlap lines and fastener marks to be easily seen for installation.
  • A 3-inch white film contrasts with the black bottom ply.
  • A split top film accommodates both mechanically fastened and adhered installations. The split transparent top film allows plates and fasteners to be installed directly through the film in mechanically fastened installations with a 2.5-inch strip that can be removed when the seam is ready to weld. In adhered applications, the entire top film is removed prior to welding.
  • SeamShield clean seams increase seam weld strength versus traditional cleaned seams.
  • Sure-Weld TPO with SeamShield technology is available in 10’- and 12’-wide sheets in 45-, 60-, and 80-mil thicknesses and the standard colors of white, gray, and tan.
  • Once installed, the film should be removed within seven days.
Applicator benefits
  • Enhances productivity by eliminating the time and materials required for cleaning seams.
  • Improves ergonomics through a reduction in the time spent bent over during the cleaning process.
  • Improves weld consistency by providing a factory-clean seam at the time of welding.
Ideal applications
SeamShield technology is a great addition to any job and is particularly suitable for re-roofing applications where the presence of additional dirt can lead to prolonged cleaning times. Furthermore, it minimizes the need to protect the seam area from excess adhesive in adhered applications, where overspray can prolong cleaning durations.
For more information about SeamShield, check out the following resources:
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