Dialing In: Rig Splatter – Proper Settings and Considerations for 50% Coverage

When applying Flexible FAST adhesive using the rig splatter method for insulation or membrane attachment, fifty percent substrate coverage is required. To achieve the optimal splatter pattern, it is essential to have the proper fluid and air pressure mix. Too much air pressure will leave you with an incorrect pattern and coverage rate, affecting rooftop productivity.

One common mistake when using the rig splatter application is introducing too much air into the static mixing tip. The ideal pattern of rig splatter is large droplets ranging in size from a nickel to a silver dollar. When too much air is present, the adhesive atomizes and turns into a mist; leaving a thin adhesive layer unsuitable for warranty. Not enough air will make the adhesive dispense in a stream-like pattern, imitating a similar look and coverage rate of bead application. To ensure proper splatter technique is achieved, adjust the air output on the gun to achieve nickel-sized droplets of adhesive.

The material temperature of the adhesive has proven to affect the amount of air required to achieve proper rig splatter. When adhesive gets above 90°F, it will flow through the equipment easier than at 70°F. The difference in viscosity means that less air is required when the adhesive is heated past 90°F, and more air is needed when the adhesive is below 70°F. Carlisle recommends using an infrared thermometer to check the adhesive temperature periodically throughout the day.

There are two static mixing tips used when applying low-rise adhesive through equipment. Although similar in function, each static mixing tip has differences that will affect the dispensing pattern of the adhesive. It is important to note that the mixing tip should not have a cone or tapered end when applying Flexible FAST with rig splatter. The tapered end constricts the spray pattern, making 50% coverage of the substrate harder to achieve. If the mixing tips have the cone tip, you can cut off that taper and expose a wider opening for the adhesive to dispense.

For more information on the proper application of Flexible FAST using rig splatter, please contact your local manufacturer’s representative or FleeceBACK Specialist. For more information on Flexible FAST Equipment options, you can view the Flexible FAST Equipment Guide on the Carlisle SynTec website here.

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