Carlisle SynTec Marketing Announcement for PVC.

Carlisle Introduces PVC KEE with Elvaloy®

Carlisle is pleased to introduce the new Sure-Flex PVC KEE membrane compounded with Elvaloy (KEE). Elvaloy KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester) provides enhanced chemical, heat and UV resistance as well as long-term weldability to the already-proven Sure-Flex PVC membrane.

Elvaloy enhances the performance and extends the useful life of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products. Because of its high molecular weight, Elvaloy does not migrate out of the PVC membrane, improves low-temperature performance and helps to keep the membrane pliable and weldable.

Studies have shown that too much KEE reduces the weldability of PVC membrane and too little KEE only adds cost without improving physical characteristics. Carlisle has blended the optimal amount of Elvaloy and liquid plasticizers to allow long-term flexibility while maintaining the user friendliness and ease of application inherent to all Sure-Flex PVC membranes.

The highly reflective Sure-Flex PVC KEE white membrane is reinforced with a tenacious weft-inserted polyester scrim. Half-sheets are also available in all thicknesses.

Part Number Description Size
309150 .050 Rein SureFlex White KEE 10 x 100
318479 .050 Rein SureFlex White KEE 5 x 100
309193 .060 Rein SureFlex White KEE 10 x 80
318481 .060 Rein SureFlex White KEE 5 x 80
317560 .080 Rein SureFlex White KEE 10 x 65
318483 .080 Rein SureFlex White KEE 5 x 65

All fire ratings and 10' wind uplift ratings associated with standard Sure-Flex PVC are also available with Sure-Flex PVC KEE. The standard Sure-Flex PVC line of accessories can be used in these applications.

The attached Product Data Sheet contains all of the vital information regarding the physical properties of the membrane.

If you have any further questions regarding Sure-Flex PVC KEE with Elvaloy, please contact your nearest Carlisle manufacturer's representative or distributor.

Elvaloy® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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