Authorized Applicator Incentive Programs

Carlisle SynTec's Authorized Applicators are an elite group that share a desire for best-in-class quality. The below programs were developed to distinguish and reward our most trusted and dependable partners. 

About Excellence in Single-Ply

Established in 1998 to recognize Carlisle’s most loyal and dedicated Authorized Applicators, the Excellence in Single-Ply (ESP) award has become one of the most recognizable and prestigious achievements in the commercial roofing industry. Awarded annually, only the most accomplished applicators achieve ESP status; a designation that provides customers with confidence that they have partnered with the very best in the industry.

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About the M1LEstone Award

New in 2024, Carlisle’s M1LEstone Award, a prestigious recognition celebrating the dedication and expertise of Authorized Applicators who have achieved the remarkable milestone of installing at least one square mile (27.9 million square feet) of warranted Carlisle EPDM, PVC, and TPO systems.

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About Perfection Award and Perfection Council

Carlisle maintains detailed records of every Authorized Applicator's warranty claims history. Each year, the Perfection Award will recognize those roofers whose exceptional installation quality results in a warranty claim performance that ranks in the top 5% of all US and Canadian applicators. Of those Authorized Applicators, a small number of Perfection Award winners will be selected to the Perfection Council each year. These Authorized Applicators will serve as an advisory board throughout the year to determine how Carlisle can best support its contractor network and enhance its reputation for the highest quality roofing systems.

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About Hall of Fame

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ Hall of Fame (HOF) Authorized Applicators set themselves apart from the competition through their consistency and attention to detail. HOF Authorized Applicators are also knowledgeable about a wide variety of roofing systems and back their work with industry-leading warranties.
A Carlisle Authorized Applicator earns a spot in the HOF once they receive 100 Perfect 10 inspection ratings from a Carlisle Field Service Representative. HOF Centurion is the first level of this program and each level thereafter increases by 150 so the next achievement would be HOF 250. An Authorized Applicator earns HOF 250 status once they receive 250 Perfect 10 inspection ratings.

About FleeceBACK Champions

Champions is comprised of a select group of Authorized Applicators that are committed to installing Carlisle’s most durable and robust roofing systems – FleeceBACK. Authorized Applicators can earn Champions status in two areas: growth and volume. Authorized Applicators that receive Champions status are eligible for annual rewards trips and additional resources.

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