TPO Membrane

The fastest growing and most popular choice in commercial roofing membrane is highly reflective, giving it industry-leading energy efficiency and resistance.

Advantages of TPO


Carlisle's OctaGaurd XT weathering package means Carlisle TPO is able to withstand higher temperatures, a variety of weather, and UV rays and the heat that comes with them

Energy Efficiency

TPO membrane offers long-term energy efficiency, especially in warm, southern climates

Color Choices

Carlisle TPO membrane is available in three standard colors and five specialty colors, which is more than any other manufacturer provides

Long-Term Performance

With membranes up to 80 mils thick and industry leading warranties up to 30 years, Carlisle's TPO membrane provides enhanced long-term weathering characteristics

Heat/UV Resistance

With thicker membranes, Carlisle's TPO is able to withstand higher temperatures and UV rays - keeping buildings cool in the summer, with roofing materials that last

Why TPO?

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane is the largest segment in the commercial roofing industry, and no manufacturer has more TPO experience than Carlisle. Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO membranes have the industry-leading OctaGuard XT weathering package for enhanced long-term weathering. With high reflectivity and strong heat-welded seams, TPO is a great choice many different types of buildings.


TPO Installation

Installation is important when it comes to putting a single-ply roofing system on a building, and there are over 140 standard TPO details available from Carlisle SynTec. Videos have been put together for many of these details, and can be found in the video hub below.

TPO Products & Accessories

TPO - Sure-Weld®

The industry's premier heat-weldable, highly reflective, and reinforced thermoplastic roofing material.

TPO - Sure-Weld® SAT

Sure-Weld TPO with Self-Adhering Technology (SAT) comes with a pre-applied adhesive for quick and easy installation.

TPO - FleeceBACK®

Offering superior durability and wind-uplift performance, this is one of the most dependable and highest-performing roofing options on the market.

APEEL™ Protective Film

This protective film guards TPO and PVC membrane from scuffs and dirt, keeping the roof clean during install.

Pressure-Sensitive Accessories

Accessories featuring pre-applied adhesive allow clean and efficient completion of details.

Adhesives, Primers, and More

Industry leading products used for bonding, splicing, and cleaning membranes.

TPO Color Palette

Carlisle's TPO Color Palette offers three standard colors, and five specialty colors.


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