Code Alerts

August 31, 2020

Code Alert - Canadian Dynamic Wind Uplift Testing

This code alert discusses the Canadian Dynamic Wind Uplift Testing. As a result of Carlisle’s continuous dynamic uplift testing program for the Canadian market, four new UL-certified assemblies are now available. These assemblies offer dynamic wind uplift resistance values ranging from 33 psf to 80 psf as outlined in this code alert.

August 31, 2020

Code Alert - FM 1-28 Summary Update

This Code Alert summarizes changes made to the FM 1-28 Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet, dated February 2020. One key change relates to roof zone dimensions to align with the ASCE 7-16 Design Standards. In some cases (depending on the roof dimensions, building height, and slopes), four zones may exist: interior, inner perimeter, outer perimeter, and corner zones.

August 31, 2020

Code Alert - Re-Roofing Assemblies for Recover Applications

As part of Carlisle’s commitment to providing unique roofing solutions for the re-roofing market, this code alert spotlights economically viable options for recovering existing roofing systems. The assemblies are designed to offer simple, convenient, and value-based roofing solutions; allowing for quick installation with minimal disturbance or interference to the building operation. The existing substrates include asphaltic roofs, standing seam metal roofs, and single-ply membrane assemblies.

July 30, 2020

Code Alert - Wind Uplift Testing for the Florida Market

As part of Carlisle’s continuous testing program for the State of Florida, testing was recently conducted on various TPO, PVC, and FleeceBACK® membrane assemblies targeting the re-roofing/recover market.