Self-Adhering Technology (SAT™) Membranes

New 12' SAT TPO Membrane and Temperature Limit

Carlisle SynTec Systems is excited to introduce the industry’s first-ever 12-foot-wide SAT™ (Self Adhering Technology) TPO membrane and announce new 25°F (-4°C) cold weather temperature limits for all Sure-Weld SAT TPO Reinforced Membranes.

Sure-Seal Black SAT EPDM Membrane Installation Temperature Update

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to announce new 20°F (-7°C) cold weather temperature limits for Sure-Seal SAT (self-adhering technology) Non-Reinforced and Reinforced Black EPDM membranes. Both membranes have been formulated to allow for application in colder temperatures, expanding the inherent SAT productivity advantages into the winter months. Carlisle's SAT EPDM adhesive has excellent cold weather tack for wintertime applications. The value of SAT membranes increases in the cold winter months, as that is when traditional field-applied adhesives take longer to flash-off.


Self-Adhering Technology (SAT™) Membranes

Sure-Weld® TPO SAT comes with pre-applied adhesive to help you save time and labor and use less product. This 60-mil reinforced membrane is heat-weldable, weather-resistant, and ideal for new construction and re-roofing applications. Carlisle’s Sure-Seal® and Sure-White® EPDM SAT offer excellent weatherability and hail resistance, provide significant labor savings, and are VOC- and odor-free. Sure-Seal and Sure-White SAT are nominal 60-mil non-reinforced EPDM membranes laminated to a 100%-solid pressure-sensitive adhesive. SAT membranes provide up to 80% labor savings compared to installations that use traditional bonding adhesive.